The Infinity Collection showcased at Salone Satellite 2022. 
The theme of Felicia Arvid’s new collection presented at Salone Satellite 2022 is draping fabric – how to create three dimensional shapes out of a flat piece of fabric.
The concept behind the collection is creating a new type of furniture without the use of PU foam as an alternative to the traditional upholstery furniture designs. By eliminating the use of foam, the furniture only consists of two components – fabric and steel. Clean and simple usage of materials – easy to assemble and disassemble and recycle individually.
The collection consists of a bench, a chair, a lounge chair, a pouf, and a room divider. All these items are made with a new recycled polyester material developed by the Danish fabric company Gabriel. The fabric is compressed which makes it rigid enough to hold a body weight. Draping the fabric on to the steel frame creates the illusion of a dense piece of furniture when it is just the air between the materials which makes the volume.
The name of the collection is Infinity because the draping of the fabric can continue in to infinity in any type of furniture and the pattern resembles the symbol of infinity.
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