“Furniture dress the person wearing it” 
The Danish designer, Felicia Arvid Jaeger, began her career at the age of 17, when she was spotted during Copenhagen Fashion Week, by visiting buyers from Japan in 2012. At that time she was just an intern at a fashion house, but the buyers fell in love with the dress Felicia wore, which were one of her own creations. They wanted to sell her designs in their stores, so the buyers placed an order and that was the beginning of FELICIA ARVID.
Over the years she has broadened her design field in to the world of product design and architecture, taking fashion beyond our clothes and into the space that surrounds us. Today Felicia Arvid Jaeger, dressmaker, and architect works with her brother, automotive designer Jonathan Arvid Jaeger and combined they are the creative team behind innovative designs for acoustic wall- and furniture systems presented in Milan, Paris, Stockholm, Copenhagen and Vienna.​​​​​​​
The philosophy of FELICIA ARVID derives from her experience as a dressmaker and knowledge of creating 3D shapes with textiles based on the Nordic tradition. The Addéra sofa is a result of the Danish design studio, Felicia Arvid's, research into simple additive systems, to enrich our daily life. It embraces the individual and the diverse ways of living by adaptability and offers a sustainable solution to modern living by its longevity through adaptability - an important concept for FELICIA ARVID.

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