PLI is a pendant lamp in which the light source becomes a support structure: like a needle crossing a thin sheet, it creates and holds in place a series of soft folds, drapings and waves. PLI is a lamp that combines form, material and structure in a single gesture.

“PLI is my first lamp”, Arvid explains. “In the collective imaginary lamps bring together a body and a shade, inside which a light source is inserted. I have chosen to begin with the light source, building around it a diffuser whose form had to be a direct consequence, with the objective of obtaining gentle, non-invasive light”.

In PLI the light source is a tube that contains the LED strip, on which to directly insert – like a needle in fabric – a very thin perforated sheet that forms a series of soft folds, overhangs and draping effects, resembling waves. From a two-dimensional element, the material of the diffuser thus becomes a three-dimensional form: and it is the light source that holds it in position. Light, sinuous and poetic, PLI comes in wood or paper, for two different luminous effects.

In the wooden version the light is concentrated upward and downward, while in the paper version it spreads thanks to the extreme thinness of the sheet that triggers delicate translucence at the sides of the lamp.

Measurements: Circular pendant ø 100 x 18 cm – Linear pendant l.88 x d.18 x h.18 cm
Materials: Paper and wood
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