Klipper (Dunes) is a line of sustainable sound-absorbing wallmounted panels designed for Caimi Brevetti. 
The design won the prestigious ADI Compasso d'Oro  award in 2022 and has previuosly won the ADI design index award in 2020 and the ADEX platinum award in 2021.
Winner of  both Best of NeoCon Innovation award and Silver Award in 2021.
The subtly undulating form of our latest wall-panel system vividly evokes the sensuous and feminine movement of sand dunes, which also inspire the name. By combining several layers of Snowsound Fiber, designer Felicia Arvid’s custom hourglass shape forms a seamless, three-dimensional wall with gracefully wandering lines. The textural quality of the material comprising those dunes, with its bouclinish, suggests the millions of grains of sand of a dune. Dunes is a wall-applied acoustic solution consisting of two layers of Snowsound Fiber Bouclextiles: one of which serves as a flat base backing and the other as a three-dimensional sound-absorbing pocket created with repeating pleats held by steel clips. Think of Dunes as a three-dimensional tapestry, with amazing acoustic performance that comes from the topographies between the backing fabric and the air pockets in the hollow reliefs of the upper layer of Snowsound Fiber. Dunes blends poetry and function to offer a seductive aesthetic and with the unsurpassed acoustic performance Snowsound is known for.
Snowsound Fiber textile are made entirely of 100% recyclable, fire-resistant polyester fiber. Snowsound Fiber textile are Greenguard Gold certified for commercial use, validating their low emissions specifications and their contribution to environmental quality.

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